Jednoosobowa spółka osobowa

Monitor Prawa Handlowego | 4/2018
Moduł: prawo handlowe
DOI: 10.32027/MPH.18.4.1
Artur Nowacki
Jednoosobowa spółka osobowa

Przedmiotem artykułu jest problematyka jednoosobowej spółki osobowej, a w szczególności obrona poglądu, zgodnie z którym z jednoosobową spółką osobową możemy mieć do czynienia tylko na gruncie regulacji spółki partnerskiej1.


A single member partnership
The article analyses whether Polish law allows for the existence of a single member partnership in cases other than the one expressly regulated in relation to a partnership. The conclusion of this analysis is that it is not possible and the circumstances that would lead to one of two existing partners leaving the partnership result, in principle, in dissolution of a partnership. It is also possible to have a “formally” one member partnership where all rights and obligations of several partners are, from the start or due to later changes, accumulated in the hands of one partner only.
Key words: single member partnership, two-member partnership, partnership; dissolution of a partnership